Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion: With these tips you defeat Genesis

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Warning, spoilers follow: It’s in with Zack Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion your job to find out why some SOLDIER warrior have deserted. Also belongs to these genesisagainst which you have to fight several times in the course of the game. We give you a few tips for these fights.

The first fight against Genesis is a kind of probing

You fight for the first time in the 5th chapter against Genesis and this duel is more of a kind of probing. Genesis has some nasty tricks up his sleeve, including Zack put a curse on and thus block your DBW system. On panacea can, however, quickly correct this effect.

In this fight you should try to defeat the bosses first of all with your sword to edit. This is the best way to take down Genesis. However, since your enemy is moving quite fast, you always have to watch your cover, otherwise he can cause you a lot of damage. Should you already Hell Spells master, these are also extremely effective against the boss.

after her in the 10th chapter all seven goddess materia have collected, you can at the light of doom oppose Genesis again. this is the final boss fight from “Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion” and has it all. Your enemy now takes the form of Genesis avatar and not only scowls, but is also huge and very strong.

You cannot attack the mighty monster directly with your sword, but you can with your spells attack. We got into this fight Hell Blitzga familiar and this spell does great damage to the boss opponent. You should get up with your sword the Materia Sword of the Genesis avatar. However, that is easier said than done.

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The reason for this are the little henchmen, which the boss summons at regular intervals. This always happens when the Materia Sword rammed into the arena floor will. Like their master, they are against Hell Magic vulnerable, such as Hell Blitzga or Hell Fuga.

If you have done with the small opponents, which should happen as quickly as possible, you can attack the sword of the Genesis avatar and thus reduce the life energy of the boss properly. Repeat this process, always paying attention to your cover so that Zack doesn’t get taken down.

Once you’ve defeated the Genesis Avatar, begin the final phase of the boss fight: Now you face the normal sized Genesis again. His movement patterns are reminiscent of your first duel, only with the difference that your enemy this time attacking faster and more often in a row. The wall spell can help you here to reduce the incoming damage a bit.

As before are again Hell Spells very effective. Also, try to stab Genesis in the back as often as possible to hit him with your sword attacks critical damage to inflict If you are still on this your defence thinks you’re slowly bringing the final boss of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion to its knees. After that you’ve almost finished the game.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is since December 13, 2022 Available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, the Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam).

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