Duke Nukem Forever: 2001 build is fully restored!

Duke Nukem Forever: 2001 build is fully restored!

The gaming year was very mixed. Many speak of a bad year for the gaming industry. On the other hand, let’s not forget that releases like Elden ring, God of War Ragnarok or Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion brightened the day. Or in the case of “Elden Ring” rather darkened? This is probably a matter of interpretation.

And not only that: there was a particularly hot treat for the first-person shooter community. Of the Early build 2001 from Duke Nukem Forever was leaked and this is more significant than one might think at first glance.

21 year old Duke Nukem Forever version

Because this DNF version is not just an early stage in development. This version shows what could have been if Randy Pitchford at gearbox would not have accepted the matter. Gearbox failed to turn the title into a critically acclaimed sequel. The legacy of Duke Nukem 3D so remains untouched.

What would Duke Nukem Forever have looked like if it had been released in 2001? This shows this early version, which was leaked during the year. Even if it still has countless quirks: it is interesting to see where the journey could have gone. She’s a what if.

And the whole takes enormous proportions. The modder conglomerate, now known as Mighty Foot Productions occurs, reconstructs the old “Duke Nukem Forever” – completely!

You just finish the unfinished version of the build back then and release it to play, simply put.

“Current progress is focused on finishing the polish for the first chapter of the game, High Stakes, Lady Killer, and working on a plethora of render and engine fixes. […] Much of the content seen in the E3 trailers and promotional material for the game has been restored, with a brand new story being developed by a story team to fill in the gaps between what we know about the game and to infer from what we do not know.”

At the December 21, 2022 is it time Then he should first cross-section of the project to be published. As the following pictures show, they have made some changes and are making good progress:

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if Duke Nukem Forever Restoration Project appears, there will even be one map editor and one Deathmatch mode bring along.

Playfully there is a total twelve guns like the notorious pipe bombs, the old freeze cannon and, for example, a red-hot flamethrower. Otherwise it’s a classic retro shooter as we know it today.

Would you check out the project when it’s finished, or would you rather let Duke Nukem’s legacy lie? Feel free to write it to us in the comments and discuss with us.