Fiber optics: Telekom achieves expansion targets for 2022

Broadband test: German fiber optics and Telekom win, Vodafone disappoints

from Claus Ludewig
As announced by Deutsche Telekom, the expansion targets for fiber optic connections will be achieved this year.

On October 20, Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) declared that gigabit funding would be discontinued. According to the minister, all funds for this calendar year have been fully exhausted. New funding for fiber optic expansion will not be available until next year. According to Telekom, 5.1 million households in Germany can now conclude a fiber optic contract with the company. By the end of the year, the number is expected to rise to 5.4 million.

Two million new fiber connections this year

In 2022, Deutsche Telekom will have a total of 2 million new fiber optic connections installed. In order to achieve the expansion target it has set itself this year, the Bonn-based company would have to set up 300,000 FTTH connections. In November alone, Telekom connected 377,000 new households to the fiber optic network.

According to the company, 4.8 million households have received faster stationary internet since the beginning of the year, with Telekom combining VDSL, vectoring, super vectoring and other forms of access, as well as fiber optics. By 2030 there should be nationwide, fast internet in Germany. in the Broadband Atlas The Federal Network Agency can be used to check the availability of Internet connections with up to 1,000 Mbit/s.

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Collection of Telekom expansion targets:

  • According to Telekom, the fiber optic expansion targets for 2022 will be achieved.
  • In 2022, Deutsche Telekom installed a total of 2 million new fiber optic connections. 300,000 FTTH connections are still missing to achieve the goals they have set themselves.
  • In Germany, 5.1 million households can now conclude a fiber optic contract with Telekom.

Source: Deutsche Telekom