God of War Ragnarok: All Remnants of Asgard and Where to Find Them (Solution)

God of War Ragnarök: Gróa's Secret, Temple of Light Walkthrough Guide

Even if Kratos survived Ragnarok and brought Odin to his knees, there is still for the god of war in God of War Ragnarok still a lot to do. So you can take on unfinished favors that Hunt Valkyrie Queen Gnaput an end to the berserker souls or those Remnants of Asgard track down

After the world was destroyed, parts of it fell onto the other eight worlds, and these ruins are still guarded by brave warriors who are dedicated to the allfather are faithful even in his death. For you, this means even more walking distances and even more bloodshed.

God of War Ragnarök: Remnants of Asgard, how to find all debris (solution)

So you have the mission The Worlds at War completed and with it God of War Ragnarok played through. Then it’s time for your well-deserved retirement, isn’t it? Not correct. Because Kratos still has a lot to do, if only that Debris from Asgard to be found, which are now blocking the way in the other worlds.

Overall, after playing through the main story, you can 10 Remnants of Asgard find those of changing enemy units, mostly Einherjar, to be guarded. Once you have defeated Odin, these soldiers are of course no longer a problem for you, but finding the debris can sometimes be tedious, which is why we have listed them here for you.

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Vanaheim, Freyr’s camp

Teleport directly into Freyr’s camp in the jungle world Vanaheim. Exit through the back exit and look around to the left and you won’t be able to miss the ominous glow of Asgard’s wreckage. If you still have trouble finding the location, it will show you on the map additionally displayed.

Vanaheim, Eastern Barri Forest

Before completing the final main mission, if you log into God of War Ragnarok into the area northeast of Freyr’s camp go, you will only find two Dreki there who want to fight with Kratos. After the fall of Odin you meet before the Entrance to the Eastern Barri Forest however, a few einherjar guarding more debris.

Svartalfheim, Alberich Cave

Searches via boot the Kite beach in Svartalfheim up and use the there Draupnir Spearto be able to reach the upper area. In the clear area you will not only find more Followers of the Allfather, but also other remnants of his former homeland. Kill the guards, loot the chest and you’re finally done here.

Svartalfheim, Aurvangar Wetlands

Return to the first portal that was available to you in this world and then follow the waterway, to reach a small beach that you had to search out quite early in the story. Debris from Asgard is here this time, and as always, it’s up to you to defeat their guardians.

Svartalfheim, Jarnsmida Open Pit

After completing the main story, you return to it open pit area back, which, if you haven’t already unlocked the mystical gate with the spear on site, means quite a bit of leg work. Roughly where you first entered the area, you’ll climb one hanging chain and thus reaches the desired position.

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Muspelheim, Burning Cliffs

The area at the Burning Cliffs is so small that it’s impossible to miss the debris you’re looking for. Briefly look for the relevant guards right next to the chest of the Norns Surtr’s Forge up and do them in order to finally clean this area as well. After that it goes back to Midgard.

Midgard, Urd Fountain

To the Norns in Northwest of Midgard You can’t return now, but the collectables along the way are still there, and that includes a collection of debris that rained down straight from Agard after the final mission. Just follow the path and you will automatically come across the remains.

Midgard, Lake of the Nine

Find the in Kratos and Atreus’ home world Lake of the Nine up and go to the elevator that will take you upstairs Tyr’s Temple leads. Just follow the bridge there in the direction of the temple and you run the Einherjar in her temporary warehouse automatically across the way. Kill them, loot the chest and you’re done here.

Alfheim, the Strönd

Go straight to the mystical gate the beach. You probably remember the place, because that’s where the main mission is Great secret has begun. Follow the course of Tal in a south/southwest direction, directly onto the Temple of Light to. After a short march, you will inevitably stumble upon more debris from Asgard.

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Alfheim, Wasteland

The last pieces of debris are from the mini-bosses Stinr and Strengthr guarded, but at this point they can no longer do much against Kratos. You find the warriors in the east of the wastelandslightly north of The depth respectively south of that Berserker Tombstone in this area.


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