Hearthstone gives you 10 card packs – you just have to log in

Hearthstone Card Pack Gift

Hearthstone tries to appeal to new and old players. In keeping with the Christmas event, there are plenty of packs of cards for free.

Hearthstone just released the March of the Lich King expansion a few days ago, and death knights are dominating the battlefields, whether in ranked mode or in the arena. At the same time, however, the offers for the Christmas celebrations will start. In addition to some nice offers in the shop, there are also many other card packs that you can pick up with just a few clicks. We’ll tell you what’s in it and how you can get the free tickets.

What’s free? There are 10 packs of cards for free for all players. The packs are from these expansions:

  • 2x Forged in the Barrens
  • 2x United in Stormwind
  • 2x Cleaved in Alterac Valley
  • 2x Journey to the Sunken City
  • 2x murder at Castle Nathria
10 packs are free – you just have to pick them up from the shop.

How do you get the card packs? To get the card packs, you must start Hearthstone and then go to the store page. There you have to scroll almost all the way down past the various offers and you can receive the gift package there.

New accounts get even more: If you haven’t started Hearthstone yet, you’ll get even bigger incentives. Because Blizzard adds another 50 card packs for complete newcomers who created their account after December 13, 2022. To do this, you must complete the tutorial and you will then receive 10 card packs from each of the last 5 standard expansions. So if you’re looking to join forces over the holiday season, it might be worth bringing a few friends into the game – they’ll be off to a good start in no time.

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Are you currently playing Hearthstone? How do you like the new death knight class?