Learn how Sony designed the new DualSense Edge control in this video

Learn how Sony designed the new DualSense Edge in this video

Sony introduced the new DualSense Edge controller for PS5 earlier this year, touting it as PlayStation’s first high-performance, ultra-customizable controller.

The Pro Controller is set to launch in January, and ahead of its impending launch, Sony released a new video in which the designers talk about the process of creating and improving the original DualSense.

According to the designers, transferring the form factor from the DualSense as-is to the Edge controller was a crucial and non-negotiable element of the process, which of course meant that fitting additional inputs and elements within the same form factor brought about some complications.

Along with that, Sony also consulted with a number of professional gamers and set out to design a controller that would be highly customizable in a number of ways, allowing users to tweak aspects to their specific needs and depending on the game they’re playing. That includes everything from rear buttons and analog sticks to triggers and new function buttons and more, which can be adjusted in a variety of ways.

The DualSense Edge will launch on January 26 for a price of $199.99.


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