Microsoft alerts Apple of a security flaw in macOS

iMac viruses

What Microsoft has alerted Apple that it has detected a security flaw in macOS seems like a joke, but it is so. It’s an open back door where an attacker can install some malware on your Mac. Microsoft discovered it last July, and Apple has already fixed it.

So if you haven’t already, update your Mac to the latest version of Mac OS Ventura, Monterey either Big Sur Released a week ago. Apart from adding new features, you will also close that door on your computer. You are warned.

Microsoft discovered a security flaw in macOS last July, and notified it in the National Vulnerability Database, being classified and referenced with asCVE-2022-42821. Now Microsoft has named it “Achilles.”

Basically, Achilles uses a file format within macOS called AppleDouble that includes access control lists with restrictive permissions to fool Gatekeeper, a macOS feature that prevents installations of malicious software. Once the Gatekeeper protection is “bypassed”, the installation of the unwanted software can continue without the user’s knowledge, even when in lockdown mode.

After learning about this discovery, Apple took action on the matter and has already solved the problem, in the updates released last week. Both in macOS Ventura, and in Monterey and Big Sur.

And as usual in these cases, once the problem has already been solved by the “attacked” company, Microsoft, in this case has published the discovery of the security flaw, with hairs and signs. has even published a video explaining the discovery of «Achilles«.

So that said, if you have not yet updated your Mac to the latest version of macOS released last week, do not hesitate to do so as soon as possible so that your computer is protected against Achilles. And thank Microsoft. What a fabric…

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