Pirate’s Dynasty: Survival series will sail the seven seas in 2023


The Dynasty series, not to be confused with Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors titles and their manic mass battles, has always relied on survival, base building and role-playing elements, regardless of the setting.

After publisher Toplitz Productions has already covered various rubrics on land with Medieval Dynasty, Lumberjack’s Dynasty and Farmer’s Dynasty, the newly announced offshoot Pirate’s Dynasty is finally set to travel digital waters. However, survival on the high seas will not start until the third quarter of 2023.

Pirate’s Dynasty: New crew, new adventures

Although Toplitz Productions always acts as publisher, the various titles in the Dynasty series often come from different developers. This is also the case with the upcoming pirate adventure, for which the team from the studio Gold Hind Games was brought on board to hoist the sails next year with a bottle of rum in one hand and the rudder in the other hand.

You can expect classic pirate fare with survival elements in a playful way: sea battles, setting up your own crew, modifying your own ship and of course exploring tropical islands on which important means of survival are hidden. With a cooperative multiplayer mode and a procedurally generated world, you also want to provide variety and high replay value.

Announced for now, Pirate’s Dynasty is only for PC, on the game’s Steam page you can find more information about the pirate adventure. With Medieval Dynasty, however, they have also made themselves comfortable on the consoles, which is why a similar announcement cannot be ruled out.

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survival in the future

However, Pirate’s Dynasty is far from the only title in the series that publisher Toplitz Productions still has in the oven. With Sengoku Dynasty and Wild West Dynasty, two more survival offshoots are already planned, both of which are also scheduled to appear in 2023 – and that even before Pirate’s Dynasty sets sail.

Unsurprisingly, from February 16, 2023, Wild West Dynasty will take you to the eponymous Wild West, including cowboys and gunslingers, whose survival is not only threatened by each other’s guns. With Sengoku Dynasty, on the other hand, we are going to feudal Japan in the second quarter of 2023.