Pokémon Go: Austos – counter-guide to the raid boss

Pokémon Go: Austos - counter-guide to the raid boss

Austos is not necessarily the most popular raid boss, but it is a good idea for beginners to grab the shell miracle to gradually fill up the collection! However, the shiny hunters try their luck in vain, because unfortunately you cannot encounter the Pokémon in its dazzling variant after a successful raid battle.

If Austos is still missing in the PokéDex, then you should of course take the chance! Austos is not seen particularly often in Pokémon Go and Muschas is now mainly seen at thematically appropriate events. Below we have tips and tricks on how to defeat the raid boss in the Austos counter-guide for Pokémon Go.

Austos as a raid boss

Austos is of the Water and Ice type, making it vulnerable to the following types of attacks: Fighting (boosted when the weather is overcast), Rock (boosted when the sky was cloudy), Grass (boosted when the weather was sunny or clear), and Electric (boosted when it was raining boosted). When choosing your team, keep in mind that Austos can master Ice-type attacks, which means that attackers who are also Plant-type can take a lot of damage!

Austos is one of the slightly stronger representatives of the tier 3 raid bosses. It has 19,853 CP ready for you, which you have to bring to zero. Due to its nature, the Pokemon has a high Defense stat – you know; hard shell soft core. Its Instant Attacks are all Ice-type, and when it comes to Charged Attacks, the Pokémon can use either Ice or Water-type attacks. Below is a list of the best counters against Austos.

  • Mega Lohgock with counter and focus push
  • terracotta with double kick and sancto blade
  • Katagami with razor blade and leaf blade
  • Crypto Raikou with voltage change and power surge
  • Crypto Machamp with a karate punch and a balancing punch
  • Crypto Electrovoltek with thunderbolt and electric shock
  • Voltrian with thunderbolt and discharge
  • Keldeo with kick and sancto blade
  • Mega Voltenso with thunder tooth and electric shock
  • Mega Squadro with ball seed and flora statue
  • Crypto Magnezone with sparks and electric shock
  • Lucario with counter and aura sphere
  • Mega Simsala with counter and focus push
  • Crypto Hariyama with counter and balancing punch
  • Crypto Zapdos with Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt
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