Pokémon GO: Spotlight Hour Today With Arktip And More Candies

Pokémon GO Arktip Shiny

Spotlight Hour starts today, December 20th, in Pokémon GO with Arktip. Here we show you everything about the bonuses, shinys and the times of the event.

What is this event? Today begins the penultimate Spotlight Hour of 2022 at Pokémon GO. During these events, a single Pokémon is the focus and appears almost everywhere in the wild. At the beginning of the month, the developers of Niantic already revealed which Pokémon and bonuses await you.

Matching the events, there is a bonus that rewards you with stardust, XP or more candies. Here is an overview of everything you need to know about the Spotlight Hour with Arktip.

Spotlight Hour on December 20th – Launch, Bonuses, Shiny

When does it start? Spotlight Hour starts at 6:00 p.m. and is then active for 60 minutes. So around 7:00 p.m. the spawns should return to normal and the bonus should be switched off.

What bonuses are there? You will find Arktip almost anywhere in the wild. The Pokémon comes from the sixth generation of the game and belongs to the Ice type. It can evolve into Arktilas.

In addition, you get double the amount of candies for catching Pokémon. Keep in mind that this doesn’t just count for catches from Arktip, but for any Pokémon you catch during the event.

Petznief awaits you in the next spotlight hour:

Pokémon GO: All Spotlight Hours in December 2022 and their bonuses

Can you catch Shiny Arktip? Yes, but only recently. The Winter Holidays 2022 Part 1 event unlocked the Shiny version of Arktip.

Comparison: On the left the normal Arktip, on the right the Shiny version

Is today’s spotlight worth it? As an attacker, Arktip is not particularly strong. His evolution, Arktilas, is somewhere in the middle, at least in PvE, but there are plenty of stronger alternatives. In PvP it plays in the lower midfield of the Super and Hyper leagues, in the Master league it is a bit better. This will not be a compulsory event for you.

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Keep in mind that there will be a raid day with Hisui Arktilas on December 24th. All events in December 2022 here in the overview.