Sony’s DualSense Edge comes with a weaker battery than the original

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On January 26, 2023, Sony wants to launch a customizable controller with the DualSense Edge. Sony writes about the new premium controller that it is primarily aimed at all PS5 owners who, for example, like to compete with other players in competitive multiplayer titles. In addition, the DualSense Edge also offers all sorts of gimmicks such as exchangeable back keys that can be assigned the desired key input, adjustable trigger distances for the L2 & R2 keys, as well as different stick cap variants for the analog sticks, which can also be exchanged individually.

DualSense Edge is inferior to the original in one important respect

All these features give the DualSense Edge a price tag of a stately 239.99 euros, further replaceable stick modules are offered for 24.99 euros. In addition, the controller comes with some accessories, which are supplied in a protective bag. All in all, the DualSense Edge looks like a decent competitor to Microsoft’s Elite line, which many gamers have long considered to be the best controllers out there. But how The Verge now stated in their preview that there is a pretty serious problem with Sony’s new input device.

As it stands, the new DualSense Edge’s battery isn’t exactly outstanding. According to The Verge, this is even weaker than the battery of the normal DualSense controller, which Sony itself confirmed in a statement:

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“The DualSense Edge wireless controller’s uptime is slightly shorter than the original DualSense wireless controller because we’ve packed many more features into the same form factor and ergonomic design. We wanted to strike a good balance between wireless uptime and being more robust , find more powerful features.”

Just today Sony released a new one Blog post about their upcoming premium controller, but nothing is said about the weaker battery here. There are no official figures for the battery of the normal controller, but it should last up to 15 hours at best. The DualSense Edge will therefore probably settle for around ten hours of operating time. Microsoft, on the other hand, promises an operating time of up to 40 hours with their Elite Series 2, and at a lower purchase price.

With the DualSense Edge, Sony is targeting competitive gamers who, in most cases, tend to use a cable connection anyway. The company’s statement therefore continues:

“In addition, the longer braided USB cable is also great for competitive gamers who prefer to play using a wired connection to avoid radio interference – this feature preserves battery life.”