Stranded Deep: Update 2104 includes some improvements

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Update 2104 brings Quality of Life improvements to the Xbox and PlayStation versions of Stranded Deep.

The latest console update for Stranded Deep is rolling out. Developer Beam Team focused on improving quality and integrating PC features in update 2104 for consoles.

That’s how it became inventory mechanic changed, the item currently held in the hand is now displayed in the first inventory slot, to the left of it a slot is reserved for inventory actions such as empty hands or navigating between camps. The inventory has been increased from 10 to 12 slots. The container capacity is also growing; instead of three, five slots will be available in the future.

Console players often had the item stack desired from the PC version. Just before Christmas, that wish will be granted: you can now create stacks in the quick craft menu while holding or looking at the item. Sticks, stones, palm fronds, whips, fibrous leaves, clay, tree trunks and coconuts are supported. The maximum capacity is 50 pieces, but according to the Beam Team, this can vary depending on the item.

rafts receive a size limit of 5W × 4L, as very large rafts packed with storage containers caused instability and crashes in multiplayer games.

As usual, the rollout will not take place everywhere at the same time. You can tell if you have the updated version by the number 2104 in the lower left corner of the game’s main menu.

patch notes

new features

  • Added new craftable item Piles!
    You can create a pile by looking at or holding an item that you have 2 or more of in the surrounding area. Use the Quick Craft menu to craft a ‘pile’ of that item, which is shown by a new pile icon in blue. Piles are free to create and store 1 type of crafting item. The supported items are: Sticks, Rocks, Palm Funds, Lashings, Fibrous Leaves, Clay, Logs and Coconuts. The capacity for most items is 50x but can vary depending on the item.
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You withdraw and deposit items just like a storage container. The first item stored assigns the type of pile it is. You can remove all items and re-assign a pile at any time. When you withdraw all items from a pile, it will disappear.

Items stored in a pile are available and can be used when crafting without having to manually remove them from a pile. Note: Pile materials will be used last.

For those interested in the tech side of things, the benefits of the new piles are:

Faster zone loading: 1 item to load, instead of 50x individual objects.
Batched rendering for 50x items. Rendering multiple items was batched before, but the new method is even more efficient.
Less physics overhead! Piles are a static object with 1 collider, instead of 50x physics bodies and colliders.
Less overhead from individual Unity GameObjects. GameObjects and Components in Unity incur a small amount of overhead to validate state and run callbacks on every instance. This all adds up, so it is good to mitigate.

  • Changed inventory to display the item the player is holding in slot 1.
  • Increased inventory storage from 10 to 12 slots.
  • Increased crate storage from 3 to 5 slots.
  • Added max raft size limitation: 5W x 4L.
  • Added billboards to raft pieces.
  • Changed placing to snap to terrain objects.
  • Changed placing to snap on foundations.

bug fixes

  • Fixed players unable to host games in the “USA, East” region.
  • Fixed player unable to jump while holding Wollie.
  • Fixed “Seafarer” achievement not unlocking.
  • Fixed game loading errors for players using a non-Gregorian calendar, eg: Arabic, Thai.
  • Fixed player falling from Palm Tree when climbing to the top.
  • Fixed game session showing as ‘Busy’ if host is near a boss.
  • Fixed loss of input when switching to another item immediately after firing a projectile.
  • Fixed multiple issues when using Spyglass.
  • Fixed “Call Me Ahab” achievement not unlocking.
  • Fixed P1 stuck in fire lighting animation if P2 destroys Camp Fire during lighting.
  • Fixed rafts moving in random directions when operating a raft motor.
  • Fixed game getting stuck in Cartographer when reconnecting controller.
  • Fixed player colliding with raft sails.
  • Fixed host and client being able to drag the same ‘Palm Tree’
  • Fixed “Two of Each” achievement not unlocking.
  • Fixed consecutive achievements not unlocking.
  • Fixed high detail LOD always enabled for some objects.
  • Fixed spoiled fruit/veg stuck in containers.
  • Fixed Snake attack animation not playing for client.
  • Fixed P1 able to sleep while P2 operating vehicle.
  • Fixed Shipwreck ladders missing localization.
  • Fixed animals not dither fading out when skinned.
  • Fixed unnecessary notifications showing when loading game.
  • Fixed food ‘Smoked’, ‘Cooked’, ‘Spoiled’ display name prefixes stacking.
  • Fixed crafting using multiple of one material
  • Fixed scenarios for host and client crafting with same materials
  • Fixed able to place craftable items inside terrain objects.
  • Fixed glitchy Foundation placing check.
  • Fixed storage playing push audio when loading a zone.
  • Various consolidation and changes to improve stability.
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