Surprise hit in Game Pass: New title climbs to the top

Surprise hit in Game Pass: New title climbs to the top

December 13th of this year saw the release of High on Life, the new first-person shooter from Studio Squanch Games and Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland. Critics in general weren’t too fond of the game’s concept – most notably the talking weapons – and some performance issues frustrated players. At least the performance problems have now been largely resolved, which is why High on Life currently has a user score of 7.8 Metacritic sits, compared to the Metascore of 67.

High on Life is super popular! At least in Xbox Game Pass

The shooter’s rather unique concept makes High on Life arguably one of those titles that you either really love or absolutely hate. Many players will therefore understandably be unwilling to skimp on the price 50 euros on Steam to pay just to find out if they really like the game at all. It’s a good thing that High on Life can also be found in Xbox Game Pass, where the game has also been able to pick up some momentum after the recent performance fixes.

According to the Official Xbox website High on Life is currently the most popular game in the entire Gamepass catalog on both console and PC. The title was able to overtake other strong entries like Minecraft and Forza Horizon 5, which usually rank at the top for the entire year. There can be various reasons why the title is so well received by Game Pass users. There may have been a fair number of players who were very interested in High on Life but didn’t immediately decide to buy it due to the uniqueness of the title.

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