The Last of Us Part 1: This story detail can only be seen with a specific option

A The Last of Us fan shared a cool discovery on Reddit

A The Last of Us fan shared a cool discovery on Reddit

The Last of Us Part 1 has a variety of accessibility settings that allow you to tailor the gaming experience to your needs and desires as much as possible. A fan has made an exciting discovery with a special option. She reveals a detail about the meanest antagonist in history.

Spoiler alert: This article focuses on an important twist in the story.

You can only make this discovery with an accessibility option

The remake of The Last of Us, just like the sequel part 2, offers various setting options for blind players or people who have poor eyesight. This includes, among other things, the option “high-contrast display”. If this is active, the characters in the game are highlighted in different colors. In a Reddit clip, user fullrackferg shows a cool detail that can only be discovered with this setting.

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In the posted scene, we see Ellie conversing with David shortly after they met. In keeping with the friendly demeanor he initially mimics, he is highlighted in the color blue, as is Ellie – signifying that the two are allies.

But then the conversation takes a turn that suddenly makes Ellie suspicious and lets you understand that the person you are dealing with does not have good intentions. After a camera pan to one of David’s men who is glowing red, David himself has also turned red, which identifies him as an enemy. So, thanks to the accessibility option, we can follow exactly how Ellie recognizes her main antagonist as an adversary.

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The user reports:

I thought I’d see if my guesses were correct by using the accessibility option – and they were.

In this video you can get an overview of the accessibility options:

The Last of Us Part 1 introduces its accessibility features


The Last of Us Part 1 introduces its accessibility features

Of course, this is just a nice little detail. You can find out how essential the accessibility settings are to enable more players to immerse themselves in Ellie and Joel’s adventures here in the column by freelance author Melanie Eilert. If you are interested in the If you are interested in series adaptation, you can find all the information here and if you want to know about Steam Deck compatibility, have a look here.

How do you like this little detail? Do you use one or more accessibility options?