The new action MMO Warlander starts in the closed beta on Steam – Here’s how you can join for free

The new action MMO Warlander starts in the closed beta on Steam - Here's how you can join for free

The action MMO Warlander mixes MOBA with hack & slash elements and will be released on January 24th, 2023 on Steam. But before it starts, the developers are giving the Free2Play title a closed beta. MeinMMO tells you how you can take part.

When does the closed beta start?? The closed beta for Warlander started today and should be playable until the realse date on January 24th. Until then, there will be a so-called Happy Hour every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 20:00 CET. During this time you can play together with the developers!

Note, however, that your progress in the closed beta is not permanent. With the official release, your progress will be reset so that all players can start at the same level. Incidentally, the developers are also working on a version of Warlander for the PS5 and the Xbox.

New online game tries bold concept, relies on PvP battles from MMORPGs

How to participate in the closed beta? We can reassure anyone who thinks of a complicated invitation process when they hear the words “closed beta”. In principle, anyone can take the test.

All you have to do is this discord by the Japanese developer Toylogic. Write to one of the admins there and ask for your access data. You can recognize the admins of the Discord server by their green user names.

You can see a first impression of Warlander’s gameplay here in the teaser.

Warlander – Gameplay Teaser

PvP battles from MMORPGs in MOBA format

What is Warlander game? Warlander is a third-person action MMO with a unique setting that combines classic medieval and fantasy elements with robots and powerful siege weapons.

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In Warlander you can go into battle as a warrior, cleric or mage. These classes work as you would expect from classic MMORPGs:

  • warrior – Specializes in melee combat, can tank or deal a fair amount of damage
  • cleric – Specialized in Support, can heal or buff friendly units
  • magician – Specialized in ranged combat, can cast powerful spells

For each of these classes, you can unlock abilities that allow you to customize the classes to suit your playstyle. The battles themselves are reminiscent of PvP battles from MMORPGs like Guildwars 2, Elder Scrolls Online or Warhammer Age of Reckoning.

How does the gameplay work? Warlander offers you two different game modes:

  • In Conquest mode, you join one of two armies and then attempt to conquer a fortress. A total of 80 players have to use siege weapons, among other things, to bring down the fortress walls.
  • In the 5 armies mode, on the other hand, a total of 100 players compete against each other in epic battles. The game principle here is more like a battle royale, because the army that is left at the end wins.

More on the topic on MeinMMO:

The game principle promises multi-layered action, since you must not neglect the strategic aspect. You have to make tactical decisions and find the right timing for your offensive. But you can just as easily win through defensive strategies and diplomacy, the choice is yours.

Are you interested in Warlander? Are you signing up for the closed beta? Have you perhaps even taken part in one of the earlier tests and can report on your experiences? Leave a comment!

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