This is how the DualSense Edge controller was developed for 240 euros

This is how the DualSense Edge controller was developed for 240 euros

Sony has released a video where you can see how the new DualSense Edge controller was developed for the PlayStation 5. For a full six minutes you will get an insight into the production and the functions.

Pro controller for the PlayStation 5

“The video provides a behind-the-scenes look at the development of the first high-performance and customizable controller for PlayStation and provides insight into the inspiration behind the controller’s form factor and features,” said Sony. “It also gives a first look at how the PS5 console UI will allow for deeper controller customization.”

It won’t be long before the controller appears. You can buy the expensive new gamepad from January 26, 2023. Here in Germany, the controller will cost 239.99 euros when it is launched.

Sony describes the controller as follows: “Give you a gameplay advantage by customizing your controls to suit your playstyle. Designed with a focus on high performance and customization, the DualSense Edge wireless controller allows you to create your own unique gaming experience to create so you can play your own way.”

You can only pre-order the gamepad from PlayStation Direct. If you want to buy the DualSense Edge in the store, you have to wait until February 23rd.

The wireless controller comes standard with a protective case and several protective caps and a braided USB cable.

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