Uncharted: planned reboot of the series without Naughty Dog?

Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection PS5 TEST

When it comes to the absolute figureheads in the PlayStation cosmosNathan Drake stands out from the Uncharted-Play in line with Kratos God of WarAloy out Horizon Forbidden West and Ellie out The Last of Us. Since Uncharted 4: A Thief’s Endwhich was released in 2016, fans are waiting for a new part of the treasure hunter series, which thanks to the Legacy of Thieves Collection meanwhile also on the PS5 and the personal computer is represented.

While developer Naughty Dog currently has no further plans for the franchise Sony would certainly like to expand the brand further. According to one report, new games could even come from a different studio.

Uncharted reboot from new studio

The fact that “Uncharted” still attracts many fans, could movie from this year with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg demonstrate in the main roles. one report according to the strip as a whole is tight $400 million recorded, although the reviews were rather mediocre.

Sony should therefore have decided to enter the series reboot to donate. There Naughty Dog currently busy with other projects, this could be developed by another studio. Naughty Dog would then only play a supporting role. The story could then be about the young Nathan Drake rotate or introduce a completely new character. The protagonist of the four main games could then be in one mentoring role hatch as previously occupied by Sully.

Either way it should Sony take a risk with this project, if it actually turns out to be true. Uncharted is extremely popular and generally stands for top quality games. At the same time counts Naughty Dog one of the most renowned studios ever. So whoever would take on such a reboot would have gigantic footsteps to fill.

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What do you think about that? Can a reboot succeed under a new flag or is the series doomed to fail without Naughty Dog? Tell us in the comments!