Why isn’t Wolverine dead in Deadpool 3? Hugh Jackman enlightens!

Deadpool 2: Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

actually had Hugh Jackman his embodiment of the role of wolverine officially buried with the 2017 film “Logan”. The character died and Jackman’s role was over. However, despite the events of the film, the actor becomes in the third Deadpool movie once again in the role of X-Men icon Hatch. But how does that fit together? After all, the continuity of the Logan film shouldn’t be thrown overboard, at least according to Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. Jackman recently explained exactly why this can work in a radio interview on “SiriusXM”.

Return thanks to different timelines?

After Jackman decided to step down from the role, he was actually very happy with the movie Logan. “But because of this contraption that you have in the Marvel world to switch between timelines, now we can go back because, you know, science. And so I didn’t have to upset the Logan timeline, which was very important to me, and I think the fans most likely will too.

So time travel or working with different timelines seems to be exactly the option you want to use for the third Deadpool strip. The end of the second part had already played with this element, including in connection with Wolverine. How exactly this is ultimately implemented, however, is another question. At the September 6, 2024 the film is said to be directed by Shawn Levy come to cinemas worldwide. Accordingly, a lot of time will pass before we find out exactly what Deadpool and Wolverine are all about in the next film.

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