WoW: Bad nerfs for 7 out of 8 Mythic Plus dungeons

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from Philip Sattler
The first week of the Mythic Plus dungeons in WoW: Dragonflight is almost over and has impressively shown how different the eight instances were in terms of difficulty. Now the developers are reacting and giving almost all dungeons minor or major nerfs.

Although the Mythic Plus dungeons were tested in the WoW: Dragonflight beta, the balancing didn’t really work out that well. The reason for that at the end of the day, too little data, too few “normal” players in the beta or simply misjudgments by the developers, no longer plays a role. It is much more important that the developers react quickly. And that’s exactly what they do.

Already at the start of the second ID of Dragonflight Season 1, the dungeons will receive extensive adjustments. And by adjustments, of course, we mean nerfs. This should not only simplify the dungeon, but above all the instances should be about the same difficulty. Therefore, the currently supposedly heavier dungeons such as the ruby ​​life pool or the attack of the Nokhud also get significantly more severe nerfs than, among other things, the Halls of Valor or the Algeth’ar Academy.

Incidentally, a single dungeon from the current Mythic Plus rotation has not received a nerf. Anyone who ran a lot of M+ dungeons this week can certainly imagine which one this is. That’s right, the Shadowmoon Burial Ground remains untouched. Actually surprising, since many expected a buff for the bosses and trash mobs.