WoW Mount Guide: This is how you get “Otto” – the otter with ingenious sunglasses

WoW The Great Swog

Want the coolest otter in World of Warcraft? We’ll tell you how to get Otto, probably the most ingenious mount in Azeroth.

With World of Warcraft Dragonflight, Blizzard went to great lengths to hide a lot in the Dragon Islands game world. The Secret Finding community is working on more than a dozen secrets – and the first one has finally been solved.

We’ll tell you step by step how to get the ingenious mount “Otto the Otter”. The colleagues from wowhead have already processed this into a guide, which of course we don’t want to withhold from you.

Get your fishing rod ready because it’s going to be a long, fishy journey!

Step 1: The water sprites toy

The first step is to earn the Water Scheme toy. You can buy this in the Plains of Ohn’ahra from The Great Flunk – a giant frog sitting in a cave at coordinates 82/72.

However, the toy is not available for gold, but in exchange for a “gold coin of the islands”. A gold coin is a super-rare drop that can be obtained from fishing anywhere in the Dragon Islands.

But don’t worry, you can also farm the coin much more reliably. A little more often you will find the “Silver Coin of the Islands” while fishing, and even more often the “Copper Coin of the Islands”.

  • You can exchange 15 “Copper Coin of the Islands” for 1 “Silver Coin of the Islands”.
  • You can exchange 5 “Silver Coin of the Islands” for 1 “Gold Coin of the Islands”.
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If in doubt, you will need 75 copper coins from the islands in order to be able to buy a gold coin at the end. That should mean a few hours of fishing work.

The Big Flunk wants your coins and will trade them for various loot.

If you have the gold coin, use it to buy the Pristine Flunk Treasure Bag from The Great Flunk. The first of these is guaranteed to contain the Water Schemes toy, ready to add to your collection right away.

Step 2: Dance to the death!

Now travel to the Awakening Coast, to the sea “behind” the Obsidian Citadel. At the coordinates 20 / 36 you will find a small pub under water. This is an underwater bar. Use the “water schemes” and then go onto the dance mat in the bar.

Your character will now automatically start dancing and get the debuff “Dance, dance to death”.

WoW Dancing in the Bar
You have to dance for 5 minutes before you faint.

Now you have to be patient. Wait for the debuff to expire on the dance mat for your character to faint. Your character will then wake up safely above the bar and be right next to a barrel.

Click on the barrel to get an “Empty Fish Barrel”.

Step 3: More fishing

With the fish barrel in your inventory, it’s back to fishing. You have to catch a total of 3 different types of fish that you can find from now on.

  • 100 Icy Floes – You can get these in the Azure Mountains at all open waters. It may take a while to get the fish together, so you’ll need some patience. Once you have 100 of these fish, use the barrel to get a Half-Filled Fish Barrel.
  • 25 Disaster Carp ※ You can fish these from the lava around the Obsidian Citadel. Use the Fish Barrel again to get a Filled Fish Barrel.
  • 1 king fin, the wise whisker catfish – You can fish this in the water at the Alg’ethar Academy, preferably at the small jetty. Use the barrel again to get an Overflowing Fish Barrel.
If you don’t like fishing, it will be an uphill battle.

Step 4: Otto the Otter

In the last step, you travel back to the Awakening Coast and enter the place where you woke up after your dancing escapades (Awakening Coast, 20 / 40). Here you can put the full keg back in its original place.

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Now “Otto” appears and offers you a quest. Accept the quest, complete it and you’ve got what is probably the coolest otter in World of Warcraft – because he wears sunglasses just like you!

Have you gotten the “Otto” yet? What do you think of such “secret mounts”?

We have introduced you to more mounts from Dragonflight here.