WoW: Otto, the secret riding otter has been found – fishing a new mount – guide

WoW Patch 10.0.5 with UI adjustments, talent copy function and more convenience

the WoW Secret Finding Community is, like that Mystery hunters of other online games, constantly searching for the secrets and mysteries that the WoW makers hide in the online role-playing game. And she found it again! This time they found one of the last secret mounts of WoW: Dragonflight, viz Ottothe riding otter.

Do you also want to add the four-legged friend with glasses and leg jewelry to your collection? Then you will learn the following from the Otto guide, which we from WoWHead have translated for you what you have to do for it. Spoiler: Especially those of you who like fishing will get their money’s worth! Completing all the steps for Otto takes about two to three hours.

The people of WoW (buy now ) By the way, Head recommend that you, from fame rank 7 with the Tuskarr of Iskaara, acquire the Purchased Harpoon of Iskaara and that you also reached level 25 Dragon Isles Fishing.