WoW: Tanks are too strong? Rextroy plays Mythic Dungeon solo – as a DpS class!

WoW: Big class balancing - countless buffs and nerfs for the upcoming ID

from Philip Sattler
Tanks have been nerfed to no longer survive portions of boss fights entirely without a healer, but what about the damage dealers? Rextroy proved how ridiculous their self-healing can be by completing a Mythic dungeon solo… as a damage dealer. And not even with particularly good equipment.

In WoW, the holy trinity of tanks, healers and damage dealers has been in effect for almost two decades. However, this rule is sometimes broken by balancing. Healers cause as much damage as DpS classes and tanks no longer need healing. The latter was the case again at the beginning of WoW: Dragonflight and should be eliminated by a survivability nerf.

But the Holy Trinity can be taken even further ad absurdum. For example, how about a damage dealer that tanks even mythical bosses while still staying alive – while dealing damage like a DpS class? Hardly imaginable or even possible for most of us, for Rextroy, who always attracts attention with strange actions, but not much more than an ordinary challenge. Which of course he managed with a bit of puzzles and trickery.