After Stadia-Aus: Ubisoft “gives” you the games on the PC!

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Subscribers to have almost a month Google Stadia nor the chance to gamble their titles via the cloud. After that, the service becomes final switched off. However, Ubisoft wants you to continue to have access to your purchased games after the end. Now we also know how and where you can do it. In a Message does it say you can get pc version of ubisoft games from stadia – at no additional cost – obtained from Ubisoft Connect.

How do you get the games?

To ensure everything goes smoothly during the transfer, you simply have to link your Stadia account to your Ubisoft account link. If that works, the purchased titles will be automatically added to Ubisoft Connect. You have until January 18, 2023 Time to make the link. According to Ubisoft, there is either the same or higher quality edition of the respective game. With the titles Crossplay Features By the way, you can do that too Get saves from Stadia.