Anno 1800 developer update: game-breaking bug will not be fixed until 2023

Anno 1800 developer update: game-breaking bug will not be fixed until 2023

from Jonathan Harsh
The developers of Anno 1800 will speak again shortly before the holidays. In addition to many thanks to the community and free background images, there is also a brief preview of the coming year.

Anno 1800 has had some issues since the release of Update 16 earlier this month. The patch was released parallel to the latest DLC (“Rise of the New World”), but brought some players fresh content as well as various bugs. Among other things, we are talking about savegames that can no longer be used, crashes and sessions that do not start. In the meantime, a few days have passed, but despite the hotfix, the problems are still not all solved – and it could be a while before that happens.

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This is due in 2023 for Anno 1800

The bug fixes are of course the focus of Ubisoft Blue Byte at the moment, as confirmed in the last developer diary of the year. However, no further hotfix is ​​to be released in December, but is planned for January 2023. So this Anno 1800

In line with this topic:

Also included in the blog post on Anno-Union is a download link for a bundle with chic artwork for the new DLCs. If you are still looking for a wallpaper for your computer, you should not miss the free package. Last but not least, there is a small preview of the coming year: A comprehensive update is to be released in spring, which will also provide new content – more information will follow in early 2023. And there will soon be news about the Anno 1800 console version.

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