Anno 1800: This is how it will continue in 2023 – developers give a small preview

nno 1800 does not start: ​New patch is available, players continue to report problems

Also 2023 are updates for Anno 1800 on. In a recent blog entry, Ubisoft Mainz gives a small Preview of the first months of the new year. The focus is primarily on bug fixes and optimizations. Since game update 16, players have reported that the build-up game suddenly no longer starts. The developers have addressed the problems with a recently released patch. However, the error does not seem to have been resolved for every player.

Preview to 2023

“So while we’re already looking ahead to 2023, fixing these issues in January is our main focus. Also, as we communicated in early December, we’re also working on a major game update for spring, and we’re committed to the update and its content more information next year”, write the developers. Anyone still having trouble starting Anno 1800 (buy now / €53.99 ) should have, let him take a look at that Building game forum recommended.