Apple: Will the iPhone SE 4 not appear at all?

Apple: Will the iPhone SE 4 not appear at all?

from Claus Ludewig
According to a well-known leaker, Apple should consider whether the development and manufacturing costs for an iPhone SE 4 are worthwhile. After all, the next entry-level iPhone should get a new, more expensive design including Face ID.

The third generation of the iPhone SE has been available since March and is the entry-level model at a price of at least 549 euros into the world of Apple smartphones. Similar to the iPhone SE 2, customers of the new edition receive a proven design with a physical home button and a 4.7-inch display. Under the hood is the Apple A15 Bionic, which also powers the more expensive iPhone 13. According to well-known leaker and analyst at TF International Securities Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is said to be the Plans for an iPhone SE 4 overturned to have. Time and time again, Kuo was right with his predictions.

Weak iPhone SE sales

In the face of recession fears and a difficult economic environment, the Cupertino-based group is now rethinking its model policy. To make matters worse, the current iPhone SE 2022 is selling less than expected. The iPhone SE 4 could not be launched until sometime in 2024, or not at all. After all, Apple planned to use the design of the iPhone XR with the notch on the upcoming iPhone SE. As a result, a new display including Face ID is necessary, which in turn increases production costs compared to the current model.

However, it would be unusual for Apple to present a new SE model just a short time after the release of an iPhone SE 3. After all, the group took two years between the second and third iteration. There are even four years between the first iPhone SE and the iPhone SE 2, since the first model was launched in 2016.

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Collection for the possible Apple iPhone SE 4:

  • Since March 2022, the 3rd generation iPhone SE, which costs at least 519 euros, has been the entry point into the world of Apple smartphones.
  • According to the leaker Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is said to have overturned plans for the iPhone SE 4 successor. A release was originally planned for 2024.
  • Apple is said to have planned to adopt the design of the iPhone XR for the iPhone SE 4. Compared to the current iPhone SE, this means more display area and Face ID and thus higher production costs.
  • Due to the increased manufacturing costs, it is possible that no iPhone SE 4 will appear at all.

Source: Twitter