Argentines prioritize these factors when choosing a sports betting house

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After arriving in our country, sports betting has not taken long to become the favorite digital entertainment of thousands of people. The 2022 World Cup in Qatar helped consolidate a sector that already had numerous followers. Now, there are still many who hesitate when registering for a platform to take advantage of their quotas. Argentines prioritize these factors when choosing a sports betting house.

welcome bonus

One of the first factors that bring Argentines closer to sports betting houses is the welcome bonus. Fortunately, these types of promotions are frequent among the platforms, which compete to offer the most attractive to their players. Among the best offers are the bonuses with and without a deposit. Of course, no deposit bonuses are much less frequent, since they imply that the player does not have to send money to his account to start playing. This means that it is much easier to find promotions that match or double an initial amount, which is also very beneficial for those who want to make forecasts.

Payment methods

On the other hand, payment methods are also an important factor in Argentina when choosing a sports betting house. The first thing players do is consult specialized websites how to collect winnings at Bet365, 1xBet, Bet Warrior or any other platform. Many choose international means, such as PayPal or Neteller, while others prefer to use bank transfers. The diversity of options to choose from is another reason many people sign up to play. In addition, the houses allow you to select between one and the other to better suit the needs of each player.

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Quotas and markets

Of course, the available odds and markets are also important when choosing a sports book. In Argentina, soccer is the most popular sport, which is why most players look for its different alternatives. Generally, the Argentine public wants to bet on the First Division and on the national team. In fact, the World Cup Qatar 2022 attracted a large number of people to this digital entertainment. On the other hand, more and more are participating in international markets, such as European leagues and tournaments played by several countries, such as the Copa Sudamericana. Finally, many of them venture into other sports, such as tennis and Formula 1 racing.


Finally, many Argentines choose one platform over others, considering how easy it is to navigate. If the site takes a long time to load, they will most likely not sign up as it will take longer to make the forecasts. Likewise, there are many who look for options that are easy to find, in quickly identifiable menus and buttons. More and more Argentines are registering in the sports betting houses that are available in our country. Now, to choose the platform, most prioritize some aspects, such as the welcome bonus, payment methods, fees, markets and navigation.