Ariel the Little Mermaid: Disney’s live-action adaptation gets a new character

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It was quiet for a few weeks Arielle the mermaid. Now there is new information about Live-action adaptation of the Disney classic known.

It is probably one of the most controversial remakes of the past few months – above all because of it Halle Baily as Ariel. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly director Rob Marshall has a few things to say about the plans and intentions of those responsible betray.

Ariel the Mermaid: More profundity

The conversation was also about that story and characters to be richer mustwhich is why a new character was introduced: Prince Eric’s mother. Unfortunately, it is not yet known who will play the role.

The role of Eric in the animated film – I’m sure the original creators would agree – it’s a wooden, classic prince character with not much going on.”according to Marshall.

To give the prince (played by Jonah Hauer-King) a deeper meaning, a more detailed story especially for him writtenas Marshall explains:

He has a mother, a queen, that’s new in the movie. He has a very similar career to Arielle. He doesn’t feel like he fits into his world.”

These two soulmates find each other and really teach the world about prejudice and about breaking down barriers and walls between these two worlds.”

Ariel, the modern mermaid

Ariel, the (whether in Hans Christian Andersen or in the 1989 film) always beyond their limits thought should also be a little more contemporary.

She feels out of place and it really is an epic story of finding your true self. […] It’s a strange combination of innocence and wisdom with a great deal of soul and heart. In that respect it is very modern.”

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In the course of this, the director also comments on the Discussions about Halle Baily. You only have to best cast wanted that “incredibly strong, passionate, beautiful, intelligent, clever” is, “a lot of fire and joy” and has a suitable singing voice.

Marshall was all the more moved when he was on TikTok and Co reactions of dark-skinned children has seen, who are happy that Arielle now looks like herself.

“Arielle the mermaid” comes in cinemas in May 2023 and will surely enchant all those for whom appearances are not so important.

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