Avengers cosplay to deleted scene – depressing and cool at the same time

A paladin fighter in the tier 11 set from Cataclysm - such armor with levitating elements is much more difficult to recreate than the cosplayer's tier 21 set.

Cosplayers like to take well-known designs and implement them themselves – after all, you just want to look like a famous hero or popular villain. But apart from 1:1 copies, there are also much more exciting cosplays that let off steam creatively with a template. For example with questions like “What a nice design would have this male character as a woman?” or “How see Dora the Explorer in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure out?” Today we present you a particularly cool Iron Man cosplay: This look almost appeared on the big screen in Avengers: Infinity War, but nothing came of it – the French metal worker and Cosplayer Dorian made “Iron Strange” a reality!