Book green electricity tariff at E like easy, secure PS5 and PS Plus credit

Book green electricity tariff at E like easy, secure PS5 and PS Plus credit

With the electricity tariff “MeinÖkoTarif” from E wie einfach you save money: The PS5 including 60€ PS Plus credit is available for an additional payment of 559.99€.

The PS5 is now available as a bundle in many places – but what if you don’t want a bundle at all, but prefer to choose a game yourself? Then the green electricity tariff from E is worth a look for you: Here you get the PS5 + 60€ PS Plus credit when booking a cheap electricity tariff for only 559.99€ additionally.

Book now and play PS5

How good is the green electricity tariff?

With an electricity tariff, the extras are nice, but that doesn’t help if the tariff itself isn’t good. We can give the all-clear: E how easy In some regions, it even undercuts the prices of the respective basic suppliers! You can easily find out exactly how much you pay. To do this, go to the campaign page, enter your zip code and the approximate consumption, and you already have a sum that you can adjust to.

You also have one for the first twelve months, which is also the minimum term price guarantee, which means that you never have to pay more. After that you can switch again at will. Important: If you cancel before the end of the period just mentioned (regardless of the reason), you have to pay back the difference between the additional payment for the PS5 bundle and the RRP (609.99€).

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Click here for green electricity with PS5

How easy is the switch? Very!

It only takes a few steps to get your new tariff with the PS5. Book the electricity tariff online, wait until the credit check is complete, transfer the €559.99 and about 14 days later Sony’s Next Gen miracle will be in your living room.

Everything else that has to do with changing electricity providers is taken care of by E as simple. That means for you: Lean back and enjoy the cheap electricity with the brand new PS5!

Book your electricity tariff with PS5 now

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