Buy PS5: Last chance to get a Playstation 5 before Christmas at Amazon?

Special price: God of War Ragnarök PS5 currently only costs 62.99 euros on Amazon.

The Playstation 5 is on many Christmas cards. Anyone who has not yet been able to buy a PS5 due to the chronic shortage could have the opportunity today, on the PS5 Wednesday so popular with Amazon, for the last time before the festival to be able to order a Playstation 5 for immediate delivery. For those who want to invest a little more money, there are also other PS5 offers available from stock. The PS5 can also be pre-ordered from Amazon, but for delivery in January. We show below all current PS5 offers.

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The PS5 can currently be bought here for immediate delivery

While a PS5 containing a maximum of one game can usually be bought from Amazon at a comparatively low price, other retailers like to put together larger packages. Alternate belongs to this group. Two PS5 bundles are currently being offered here, which are available from stock, so if you order them quickly they should arrive before Christmas. One of these PS5 bundles consists of the Playstation 5 Disc Edition with Blu-ray drive and an included voucher code for the PS5 hit God of War Ragnarök as well as the game Horizon Forbidden West and a Razer headset. charges 745 euros for the immediately available bundle. The dealer has also put together a package with PS5 Digital. A package consisting of the PS5 Disc Edition and the Sony Xperia 1 IV smartphone is also immediately available if you order it together with an o2 mobile phone contract. Below we list the PS5 offers available from stock.

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Can thousands of PS5s be bought on Amazon today before Christmas?

Anyone who wants to buy a PS5 from Amazon but no longer needs it before Christmas can currently pre-order the Playstation 5 with God of War Ragnarök from Amazon. According to the shipping giant, the PS5 will not be delivered until January next year – more about Sony’s pre-order campaign. Today, Wednesday, however, the chance that there will be a regular PS5 drop at Amazon is also increasing significantly, with many thousands of Playstation 5s being able to be ordered again, which will immediately leave the Amazon warehouse and reach buyers in good time before Christmas will arrive. This year, almost all of Amazon’s PS5 sales took place on Wednesdays, which is why you should keep an eye on the following PS5 deals at the retailer today.

Buy on Amazon PS5

Available for pre-order now: Several retailers are now selling the PS5 for delivery in January

Some time ago, Sony launched a pre-order campaign with several retailers, in which the PS5 can now be bought, but the Sony console will not be delivered until the end of January next year. Amazon, Media Markt and Saturn are involved in the campaign. So if you want to order a Playstation 5, but can live with the fact that you will only receive the power console in a few weeks, you have the opportunity to do so with the following offers.

PS5 currently available for pre-order

Savings on PS5 games and more at Amazon

Special price: God of War Ragnarök PS5 currently only costs 62.99 euros on Amazon.

Source: Amazon

Just before Christmas, Amazon is offering selected Playtation 5 games at a discount. Among other things, you get the new PS5 hit God of War Ragnarök at a great bargain price. Here are the most exciting offers.