Children of Morta cares about animal welfare: DLC brings in incredible donations

Children of Morta cares about animal welfare: DLC brings in incredible donations

Christmas Eve is just a few days away and even if there is one less chain of lights hanging in front of the house due to the tense situation, it is still possible to get into the Christmas spirit. 11 bit Studios is definitely bringing a little more light into the dark season with their very successful fundraiser.

Charity also applies to animals

Through their charity DLC in Children of Morta, aptly named Paws and Claws, the studio has raised over $300,000 for the good cause. The money goes to Humane Society International and benefits the health and welfare of animals around the world.

Recently, the organization has also been campaigning for animals caught in the crossfire of the Ukraine war. But even apart from that, for many people pets are important friends and family members that we should think about and help them. Especially at this time when, in addition to consumption, it is also about charity.

Even if a huge aquarium has just burst in Berlin and animals are not always treated fairly in other parts of the world, 11 bit Studios gives us a small ray of hope, feel-good news that gives hope for improvement.

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