Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless Review

Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless Gaming Mouse Review GamersRD533

The wide variety of gaming mice that exist today offer a number of functions. This time I have to tell you about my experience with the Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wirelessa gaming mouse with some features that attract a lot of attention.

At first glance it seems like another ergonomic mouse with RGB that seeks to give us the best experience, but inside (and in the functions) it can be seen how the word “Ultra” in the name of this peripheral puts it in a special place in terms of mice. of precision that I have tested, not only for all that it has but for what it can actually do.

Before continuing my experience in the following paragraphs, let’s break down the technical specifications a bit:

  • Programming buttons: 8
  • DPI: 26,000
  • Sensor: Marksman 26K
  • Sensor Type: Optical
  • Mouse backlight: 1 RGB zone
  • On Board Memory: Yes
  • Onboard memory profiles: 1
  • Mouse Button Type: Omron Optical
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Grip Type: Full Palm
  • Weight adjustment: yes
  • Hand Size: Medium
  • Game Genre: FPS
  • Weight: 110 g (without cable and accessories)
  • Cable: 1.8 m non-braided rubber.
  • Response Rate: Selectable 2000Hz/1000Hz/500Hz/250Hz/125Hz
  • Battery life: SLIPSTREAM 2.4 GHz: up to 90 hours of continuous use
  • Bluetooth: Up to 120 hours of continuous use

Inside the box comes:

  • M65 RGB Ultra Wireless Mouse
  • USB charging and data cable
  • wireless usb dongle
  • optional weights
  • Quick Start Guide
  • safety brochure
  • Warranty card

Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless Gaming Mouse Review GamersRD5312

Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless Gaming Mouse Review GamersRD5123

At first glance this mouse seems to be designed for large hands but as we can see in the specifications it is something totally different. It’s designed for medium hands and doesn’t really feel as hugely spread out as we may think. Its design is ergonomic enough that we can rest our thumb and at the same time use the other programmable buttons it comes with.

This mouse has a somewhat different grip and you can feel it from the material on top. It does not shine but it can be easily marked with our fingerprints, it is felt that it is not easy for it to slip from your hands and more so with the lateral grip that it brings. Although its weight is much greater than what I have normally used for competition, I can say that the mouse does not feel so heavy unless you decide to place additional weights to compensate for your taste.

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Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless Gaming Mouse Review GamersRD5124

That’s right, the mouse comes with a set of weights (quite small) that help distribute weight with the sensor. This is for the individual taste of each person since many are used to feeling that recoil of the mouse when moving it. The installation of these pieces is quite easy and at the same time they are a great addition, not leaving aside that public with different tastes.

Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless Gaming Mouse Review GamersRD556

Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless Gaming Mouse Review GamersRD512 (2)

Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless Gaming Mouse Review GamersRD5145

The sensor is named marksman 26k and it is more than clear that the focus of this peripheral is for FPS. The sensor on this mouse is simply awesome and fully adjustable to the acceleration of the mouse to help us a lot with precision. Many will find that it is somewhat difficult to find a mouse in these dimensions for something competitive and as they say, the more buttons and functions it has, the less competitive it becomes, but it is somewhat contradictory.

The mouse has its qualities that make it special and having so many programmable buttons makes it something for those who like to play to the extreme by setting different types of speeds in profiles or adding special actions on these buttons. Personally, I have always thought that these gaming mice are for another type of game and not first-person games, since the lighter the better, but at the same time some people choose to assign tasks to these buttons and use them.

Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless Gaming Mouse Review GamersRD565

It’s like the side button with the fire symbol when you press it is set to the default DPI speed (unless you change it) from 400dpi for long range sights. Personally when I use a sniper I don’t see the need to slow down the mouse while using a sniper.

Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless Gaming Mouse Review GamersRD5545

Performing quick actions on these programmable buttons is very useful and I am not going to lie to you that at times I have felt the need to do so. On the other hand, regarding ergonomics, I could say that it is a mouse with a rather exotic design that, with a single location for RGB (what is the corsair logo) It may seem quite limiting but I really think that less RGB in this type of peripherals helps the battery a lot and more for long uses.

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Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless Gaming Mouse Review GamersRD512

Regarding battery issues, the specifications say that it can last up to 90 hours wirelessly via the USB Dongle and 120 hours in the case of Bluetooth when it is on other devices. It cannot be said that those mice that do not have another type of connection such as Bluetooth are wrong, but something does have this and it is multifunctionality, since if we are going to connect it from a Mac or we really do not have the dongle at hand we can add it and that’s it.

Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless Gaming Mouse Review GamersRD512234

The battery in my hours of use was quite faithful, after practically 3 days of continuous use without turning it off and with the RGB turned on I realized that this duration is quite fair, in addition to being well adjusted to the type of person who is really using it. continuously.

In addition to having the space for the additional weights, the mouse also has the function of replacing the sliders for ones of a different brand. This really doesn’t matter much since most of the work is mixing the sensor with our mouse pad but these sliders tend to wear out a lot.

Something that caught my attention is that the M65 RGB Ultra Wireless It has somewhat different clicker technology new to Corsair. The buttons QuickStrike They keep the button travel with the optical sensor to a minimum and I could tell while playing Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 and I didn’t need to do the same path when clicking to shoot. Although this feels a little hard to believe, the clicks on each mouse feel different for the simple reason that they are different technologies, the same happens with the keyboard switches.

Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless Gaming Mouse Review GamersRD5566

QuickStrike made me feel like I didn’t need to click that deep but at the same time it made me feel weird like “I wasn’t clicking or making contact.” It is that sensation of feeling that something does not click but in reality it is. Not that this is a bad thing but I think this feature/technology needs a bit more development before putting it into other peripherals.

The integration with iCUE and all the devices connected to your PC could not be missed. Not only because of the RGB integration, but you don’t need to have as much software connected if your PC (like mine) largely has Corsair components installed.

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Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless Gaming Mouse Review GamersRD Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless Gaming Mouse Review GamersRD Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless Gaming Mouse Review GamersRD Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless Gaming Mouse Review GamersRD

Functions such as controlling our profiles loaded with the mouse (this is to avoid the need to have the iCUE installed on another PC) and thus load our configuration everywhere, options to adjust the DPI to our liking and assign it a specific color to know which one we are using or which one to change with the mouse buttons at the top, balancing options when dragging the mouse over our mousepad and thus knowing the calibration that it will have, among other things, are one of the functions that software as excellent as iCUE offers.

Personally, I’ve been using iCUE for a long time and it’s one of the most stable. Something that really caught my attention is that we also have an option for the inclination of the mouse and the response of the sensor, allowing us to maintain the same response no matter where we have moved the mouse.

Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless Gaming Mouse Review GamersRD

Functions such as programming the keys of course and controlling the behavior of the mouse even when we are not using it are some of the things that iCUE really offers and it really is an excellent addition to have a mouse like this combined with this software.

Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless Gaming Mouse Review GamersRD51234

In conclusion

The Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless It is a mouse par excellence that seeks to give us, as always, what we, lovers of FPS games, need. With a capacity that can be tuned for our personal taste and quite detailed ergonomics, this mouse has its audience, but unfortunately it is already heavy, so having additional weights to “balance” it is something that is unnecessary. Not having these additions would make its price even lower, in addition to the fact that the USB cable is of a somewhat mediocre and rustic quality to be used while we charge the mouse while we play.

Above all else this mouse has excellent grip, awesome features and customizations with iCUE software as always. The long battery life and the optical sensor finally make this peripheral more useful than thought. This review was made thanks to the peripheral provided by Corsair.

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