Dualsense Edge Wireless with slightly shorter battery life: Sony with details on the 240 euro controller

Dualsense Edge Wireless with slightly shorter battery life: Sony with details on the 240 euro controller

from Claus Ludewig
Sony has revealed some details about the upcoming Dualsense Edge Wireless PS5 controller. It is now clear what the 240 euro controller has to offer and when the gamepad will be available.

The Xbox Wireless Elite Controller from Microsoft has been available on the Xbox since 2015. In contrast to the standard controller, the Elite version, which costs 180 euros more, has additional shift paddles mounted on the underside that are removable. There are also various attachments for the D-Pad and analog sticks, as well as adjustable shoulder buttons and software options. Now competitor Sony follows this example and has the Dualsense Edge Wireless for Playstation 5 announced. There are now details about the controller, which costs 240 euros.

What does the Dualsense Edge Wireless offer?

The path of the triggers can be adjusted using integrated switches, between adaptive triggers and a faster trigger frequency. As with the Microsoft competition, the Edge controller also has optional back buttons that can be used to select a weapon, for example. However, there are only two additional paddles and not four, such as the Elite controller from Microsoft or the Aimcontrollers PS5 Pro from Scuf. If you want, you can even replace the analog sticks including mechanics for the Sony gamepad for 25 euros. A matching bag for the controller is included in the scope of delivery.

On the software side, the Dualsense Edge comes with up to three different profiles, adjustment of the dead zone and sensitivity of the analog sticks and a user-defined key assignment. For example, you can choose the precise stick profile to register minimal movements. Alternatively, there are four other stick sensitivity profiles to choose from, such as steady or dynamic. Unfortunately, the noble gamepad comes with one shorter battery life than the cheaper, normal Dualsense controller hence, as The Verge found out in a hands-on. From January 26, the Dualsense Edge Wireless will initially be available exclusively directly from Sony, before other retailers will also offer the new controller from February 23, 2023.

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Collection for the new Dualsense Edge Wireless:

  • Sony has revealed details of the upcoming Dualsense Edge Wireless. With the new PS5 controller, the manufacturer is following the same path as Microsoft.
  • There are optional paddles on the back of the controller, interchangeable analog sticks and adjustable sensitivity for triggers and sticks. In addition, the keys can be freely assigned.
  • There are also some software customization options.
  • Compared to the cheaper, normal Dualsense, the Edge version costs 240 euros and offers a shorter battery life.
  • The Dualsense Edge Wireless Controller will be available from January.

Sources: Sony, The Verge