Epic Games Store: This game is now completely free!

Epic Games Store: ​Probably no free game today - this time there's an item bundle

After the last 24 hours in the Epic Games Store has already been hinted that the next free game will probably have something to do with Lego will have to do, the secret was revealed again punctually at 5 p.m. And indeed, users can look forward to a title with the popular building blocks. You now have until Thursday 17 o’clock the chance to add the game to your account for free. After that you can download and gamble at any time.

The Free Game of the Day on the Epic Games Store

For a short time is Lego Builder’s Journey Available now for free on the Epic Games Store. The game will be a real highlight, especially for puzzle and Lego fans. Your task is to solve various puzzles using different stones. There are also no limits to creativity. If you want to let off steam completely freely, the creative mode is your choice. Here you can build your very own Lego models.

“The game’s story takes you through ups and downs, challenges and achievements. Builder’s Journey is about the quest to find who we are and what we will become.” says the description of Lego Builder’s Journey. If you have a current graphics card in your PC, you can also use Ray tracing effects rejoice in the game. The Light Brick Studio project was first published in June 2021. On the product page Check out the Epic Games Store for more info.

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