Eufy security cameras: Anker removes privacy promises

Eufy security cameras: Anker removes privacy promises

from Claus Ludewig
With the Eufy security cameras, Anker has removed numerous privacy promises from the website. A security gap had preceded it.

With the smart surveillance cameras from the Eufy series, Anker wants to contribute to the smart home. This allows you to monitor your own home remotely. The Chinese manufacturer has reacted to reports of security gaps. Although Anker has contradicted the articles, claiming that no user data is disclosed and the security holes are speculative. It’s supposed to be in early December discovered leak around 20.12. been stuffed be. It should no longer be possible to access the live streams outside of the web portal.

Anker removes promises from website

The manufacturer responded in another way. Until December 8th, Anker advertised with a number of statements about the protection of privacy. The manufacturer claimed that there is no online link to the videos shot and that the video clips can only be decrypted and viewed with the Eufy software and a user account. “No one else can access or read this data,” is the manufacturer’s promise. Now all of these Removed statements from anchor website been. A point has also disappeared from the FAQ that explained that the videos may only be passed on to law enforcement authorities with the consent of the users.

This was preceded by reports that video recordings from Eufy cameras could be streamed unencrypted via the cloud. If you use the free video player VLC, for example, you can stream live images from the surveillance cameras. In addition to an active Eufy camera, all you need is the Base64-converted serial number. At Amazon’s competitor Ring, recordings are also said to be passed on to law enforcement authorities without a court order. However, at Ring users themselves can choose whether video recordings should be saved locally via a USB stick or whether they should take out the Ring Protect subscription for EUR 3.99 per month in order to archive videos in the Amazon cloud.

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Eufy Security Camera Vulnerability Collection:

  • A security gap was discovered in Anker’s surveillance cameras at the beginning of January, which the manufacturer wants to have closed by December 20th.
  • Video recordings from Eufy cameras should be able to be streamed unencrypted via the cloud.
  • Anker initially did not respond to inquiries and instead removed the privacy promise from its own website. Until December 8, the manufacturer claimed that no one from the customer itself can access the video recordings.

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