Fallout 76 Christmas event arrives: “Scorched Christmas”

santatron-fallout-76 GamersRD

Fallout 76’s Christmas Scorched Event returns this year, sending Scorched Zombies dressed as Santa Claus to Appalachia with gifts ready to loot.

The Christmas event Fallout 76 has arrived in Appalachia, which means the countless MMORPG vault dwellers can get into the spirit of the season of giving and blowing up twisted mutants. The event Christmas charred features singed mutants in fur-trimmed Santa outfits carrying Christmas presents for you to pick up after presenting them with your arsenal of post-nuclear weapons. The event will take place from December 20 to January 2 .

Festive Scorched Spawns spawn as one to three star legendary creatures, and will only spawn in outdoor locations, says Bethesda . You’ll know one is nearby when you hear the sleigh bells jingle.


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