High on Life: Creator Roiland builds on controversial AI

High on Life Screenshot Reddit from Return To Fender

On December 13 came with High on Life a different kind of first-person shooter on the market. The game thrives on its humor written by Justin Roiland.

He became known worldwide through the comedy cartoon series Rick and Mortywhich he co-writes and produces with Dan Harmon.

Roiland confirmed to Sky News that in the production of “High on Life” a artificial intelligence was used and explains the potential it has in AI Art in the development of computer games.

Is High on Life just the beginning and AI the future of computer game development?

What timing! During on ArtStation creative professionals fight vehemently against the use of AIJustin Roiland speaks out in favor of it in an interview.

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Already in advance via Reddit speculates whether the posters found ingame are AI-generated images. Roiland doesn’t comment specifically on the poster examples, but explains that the word-to-picture program mid-journey contributed to the rounding off of the game:

“It makes her feel [Spiel]world like a strange alternative universe of our world. […] And we have [KI] used to come up with weird, funny ideas.”

Artificial intelligence is also said to have been used for some character voices. However, the creator and voice actor emphasizes that the Most of the artwork used is hand drawn became.

“When you consider how much work goes into game development, the idea of ​​artificial intelligence doing some heavy lifting becomes extremely attractive,” Sky News concludes, wanting to know: “Is AI the future of computer game development?”

Roiland replies:

“I don’t know what the future holds, but AI will be a tool that has the potential to make content creation incredibly accessible” […] I don’t know how many years away we are, but all you have to be is someone with big ideas.”

The “Rick and Morty” creator thus positions himself clearly on the side of the supporters of AI art and focuses on theirs advantages, as a possible work relief for the team. To what extent this technology, for example jeopardize jobs could, is unfortunately not discussed in the interview.

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The inclusive vision is: Regardless of means and skills, everyone will be able to realize ideas thanks to AI.

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