Indiana Jones and Destiny’s Call: No Reshoots or Alternate Endings – News

Indiana Jones and Destiny's Call: No Reshoots or Alternate Endings - News

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According to the director James Mangold is Indiana Jones and the Call of Fate 99% done. In doing so, the filmmaker wants to counter rumors that the film failed test screenings and that reshoots are currently taking place, primarily to give the strip a new and alternative ending.

Mangold also explains that in his earlier films he also like logan or Le Mans 66 – Against every chance would not have done any reshoots and that he also does not see this need for the new Indy strip. The film is currently with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) for an age rating. The American MPAA is comparable to the German FSK.

Already at the beginning of December we reported to you that Indiana Jones and the Call of Destiny has a start date of June 30, 2023 for the USA and that a first trailer was released, which we are attaching to this news for you again. The German start date is still given as June 2023, which makes a German release on June 29, 2023 very likely.

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