Italian becomes 21-fold millionaire at the Eurojackpot

Italian becomes 21-fold millionaire at the Eurojackpot

A player from Italy was the only player to hit the first prize category in the Eurojackpot draw on Tuesday, December 20th.

Just in time for Christmas: A player from Italy was the only player to win the first prize category in the most recent Eurojackpot lottery draw on Tuesday, December 20th, becoming a 21-fold millionaire.

winning numbers

The lucky numbers determined in the Helsinki draw were 6, 11, 26, 43, 49 with the two euro numbers 5 and 8. The exact winnings for the Italian euro jackpot millionaire is 21,208,281 euros.

600th drawing of the lottery

This year is the first time that a tipster from Italy has hit the jackpot in the first prize category. And that’s in line with the 600th drawing of the lottery since it started in 2012. The last jackpot win that an Italian managed to win was in May 2020. At that time there was around 33.3 million euros.

Eleven more big wins

In the draw on December 20th, eleven other players won high prizes in the six-figure range. In second place, 446,255.60 euros each went to the Netherlands and five times to Germany. The profits are distributed among the federal states of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (2 x) and Saxony.

In the third prize category, five more tipsters are happy about 113,226.70 euros each. Here, too, German tipsters cleared away strongly. The profits go to Bavaria, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (2 x), North Rhine-Westphalia and Spain.

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Fourth jackpot win in Tuesday’s draw

This is the fourth time the jackpot has been hit in the Tuesday draw since the March 2022 product change. This was last the case on November 8, when the record sum of 120 million euros was paid out in Berlin. In the year 2022 there are now 14 cracked jackpots. Will there be another hit shortly before Christmas?

next draw

Next Friday, December 23rd, the Eurojackpot starts again with the jackpot sum of 10 million euros. Tips can be found in all lottery acceptance points or at be given.


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