Marvel: Will HE now be the new Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards?

Christian Bale wants to return to the MCU - as another character (1)

Until the cinema release of Fantastic Four it’s still a while away in the MCU, but there are already numerous rumors about the film in the run-up. One of them recently revolved around the role of Reed Richards – also known as Mister Fantastic. At the moment it is not officially known which actor will take on the role of “Smartest Man Alive”. The last time it was speculated about Diego Lunawhich is said to be at the top of the list at Marvel Studios.

What does Diego Luna say about the rumor?

in one interview the actor was now specifically asked about the MCU rumors. In it he makes it clear that he will be too busy in the coming years – but does not directly rule out participation. “If you become a part of those rumours, half of those rumors are real. The amount of stuff I’m seeing out there right now is just insane. All I can tell you is that I’m busy for the next two years. And in two Years from now we’ll see if I want to do a movie at all.”