Nintendo launched its second presentation dedicated to independent games

Nintendo has announced with a festive video its second presentation dedicated to indie games, there are still several days left with more news from Nintendo.

Tuesday’s announcements included two pitches that could play in the Nintendo switches as of today are:

-The Captain: by Sysiac Games. This retro sci-fi adventure game takes you on a journey through space and into strange worlds populated by danger.

-The Punchuin: Made by Shin’en, a pixel puzzle game about a penguin who punches things. You will explore a snowy mountain in this adventure, hitting everything along the way. Each hit reveals new treasures and helps you uncover secrets along your way.

They also announced two games that will come out next year 2023, which are:

-Risk of Rain Returns: a complete remake of the original game, complete with new ways to play and much sleeker graphics. In Risk of Rain Returns, players will work to hone their skills in brilliant roguelike worlds populated by creepier, slimier villains, all while honing dungeons with new and returning fighters.

-Gecko Gods: of Inresin. This is an adorable platform game that follows a gecko as it traverses a strange island, solving puzzles. You will have to use the climbing mechanics and other skills to solve each tropical mystery and find your way through a colorful and shady world.

We will continue to inform you about this event that Nintendo He will be announcing daily.

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