November 2022 Premium Raffle Winner – News

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Hagen Gehritz 123213 EXP – Editor, R9, S10, A9, J10
December 21, 2022 – 1:14 p.m — Last updated 1 hour ago


Anyone who supports GamersGlobal with a subscription automatically takes part in monthly game raffles. Congratulations to the winners of the recent (delayed) draw!

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Yes, is it already Christmas today? Or still November? Both can be denied with a view to the calendar, but postponed (or adjourned due to illness or other reasons) is not cancelled. So here is the result of the monthly game raffle amongst everyone who keeps GamersGlobal alive with a subscription. We are therefore pleased to congratulate three users from this group on their game prize. Our congratulations to:

  • noir8 (subscriber since July 2016) wins Doraemon Story of Seasons – Friends of the Great Kingdom (PS4)
  • spatter (subscriber since October 2019) wins Gungrave Gore Day One Edition (PC)
  • Gorx (subscriber since April 2011) wins Triangle Strategy(pc)

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