Official: James Gunn also saws off Black Adam with “The Rock”!

Official: James Gunn also saws off Black Adam with "The Rock"!

The end of Henry Cavill as Superman is officially confirmed – this shock message caused horror among many fans of the charismatic Witcher actor just last week. But that’s not all, as it now shows: Henry Cavill’s expulsion from the DC universe should by far not be the only one! Also Black Adam actors Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has officially confirmed his end as a DC superhero. But that’s not all, because on the New DC boss James Gunn’s sacking list there are other prominent names…

Black Adam is mega flop

Fans of The Rock may have already feared it after the new DC movie Black Adam (buy now €16.99 )didn’t turn out to be the desired box office hit for Warner Bros. and barely matched Marvel’s blockbusters at the box office. Could it be again after the first Black Adam film be over with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his embodiment of the anti-hero?

Black Adam: James Gunn fires The Rock

As we now know tangibly: yes, it’s over again! That The Rock officially announced on Twitter. “James Gunn and I have spoken, Black Adam will not be in the first chapter of the new stories.” revealed to be the popular Hollywood star Out in the DC Universe.

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He continued: “James and I have known each other for years and always want the best for each other. […] After 15 years of tireless work we finally did it and made Black Adam come true, I’m very proud of the film for fans all over the world. We did that great.”