Post Avatar: James Cameron Talks Terminator Reboot

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JamesCameron has in the last few days in the course of the promotion of his new film Avatar: The Way of Water probably have to answer hundreds of journalists’ questions. He was also in the Smartless Podcast at Will Arnett, Sean Hayes and Jason Bateman to guest. Of course, he spoke to them at length about his new film, but the conversation also touched on some of the director’s previous works, such legendary classics as titanic, True Lies or Aliens – The Return. On the side, the podcasters also spoke to Cameron about the topic artificial intelligencewhich of course equal to terminatorfranchise in which humanity is almost annihilated by the robots it created.

Will a new Terminator movie be coming – and what might it look like?

The Avatar films weren’t about artificial intelligence (AI), Cameron explained, as they mostly deal with the subject environmental Protection concerned.

“If I did another Terminator movie and tried to start this franchise again – which is also being discussed but nothing is decided yet”according to Cameron, “then I would emphasize the AI ​​aspect a lot more than evil robots gone mad.”

So Cameron is at least thinking about what another Terminator movie might look like. And while his focus on AI may sound like he has a pretty cerebral, philosophical movie in mind, rest assured that a new Terminator movie will pack a serious punch actions would contain.

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Whether and if so when another Terminator (buy now ) comes to the cinema, but is probably still in the stars. The last two films in the series (Terminator: Genisys and Terminator: Dark Fate) disappointed in any case both in terms of content and at the box office.