The ten best PC games of 2022: Our highlights of the year!

The ten best PC games of 2022: Our highlights of the year!  (1)

Attention, dear Daddel friends: At the end of the year things really get down to business again! Yes, that’s also because Christmas, New Year’s Eve and the associated family and shopping stress are just around the corner. But the world of video games is also igniting large and small fireworks one last time, which should ensure a brilliant end of the year. The last big blockbusters, such as The Callisto Protocol, Need for Speed ​​Unbound or Marvel’s Midnight Suns, have been released, the important Christmas business has been boosted and the game awards and umpteen other award ceremonies (German developer prize, etc.) have the task like every year made it possible to classify the gaming yield of the past twelve months – and we do that too! Let’s now take a look together at the ten best PC games of the multi-faceted gaming year 2022.

Apart from the article, we also have a 15+ minute special video on the top 10, take a look – it’s worth it. If we forgot important titles that should definitely be counted among the highlights of the year, then feel free to write your suggestions in the comments.

Best of PC 2022 | The best PC games of the year

How was this top 10 list created? Among other things, Metacritic and our own rating system were used in the selection process, but of course the opinions and expertise of the entire editorial team were also incorporated. Of course, we also discussed a lot before it came to voting and evaluation. We hope you agree with our top 10. If not, then off to the comment column with you!

10th place: Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Studio: Insomniac Games
Release date: November 18, 2022
Our review: Clean port, Sony!

The ten best PC games of 2022: Our highlights of the year! (1)

Credit: Sony/Insomniac/Nixxes

Horizon Forbidden West, God of War Ragnarök, Gran Turismo 7… Playstation fans are without a doubt one of the big winners of 2022. But the Japanese mega-company also made people jump for joy away from the console – that is not to be taken for granted. Playstation exclusives have only been released for the PC for a few years with a significant delay. Insomniac’s two Spider-Man games were particularly popular with “non-consoleros”. The standalone adventure about Miles Morales is not a full-fledged open-world blockbuster, but it offers several convincing unique selling points with a charmingly told and gripping story, a new main character and snowy and Christmassy New York that far exceed the value of the experience that of a small add-on package.

But the strengths of the original also shine: a motivating and dynamic combat system, sympathetic and faithfully portrayed Marvel icons and probably the most satisfying locomotion gameplay in recent years. Not only is Spider-Man one of the best superhero games of the moment, it’s also a deservedly crowned king of the modern open world. Anyone who owns a PC with sufficient power and has hesitated so far: “From great power follows…“, you know. Make sure to catch up!

9th place: Rogue Legacy 2

Studio: Cellar Door Games
Release date: April 28, 2022
Our review: The sequel won’t let us go

The ten best PC games of 2022: Our highlights of the year!  (2)

The ten best PC games of 2022: Our highlights of the year! (2)

Source: Cellar Door Games

Released in 2013, the roguelite Rogue Legacy was a genuine surprise hit and rose overnight to become a fan and genre favourite, which fans of the likes of Castlevania (thanks to our retro special, here’s a nostalgic trip into the past – check it out!) or Ghouls ‘n Ghosts remembered.

The second part was unleashed on the world in 2022 and turned out to be a prime example of a successful sequel. The action hopper with retro charm factor presents a prettier look, smoother gameplay and more variety. When exploring the randomly generated game world, there are two additional biomes, making a total of six. Likewise, Rogue Legacy 2 features more rooms that are randomly generated, making gameplays stand out from each other.

The family and inheritance system of the roguelite is and remains exciting. Typical for the genre, when our hero reaches the “Game Over” screen, that’s not the end of the game, it’s only just getting started! From now on we take on the role of an offspring that has other positive, negative and insane attributes.

There are many combinations: you can be a clumsy vampire with deadly flatulence. Or a color-blind adventuress who can jump extremely high, but stupidly bites the dust with lightning speed. Anyone who has ignored Rogue Legacy 2 so far and can relate to the time-honored genre should give the generational trip a chance. Or more!

8th place: Norco

Studio: Geography of Robots
Release Date: March 24, 2022

The ten best PC games of 2022: Our highlights of the year!  (12)

The ten best PC games of 2022: Our highlights of the year! (12)

Source: Geography of Robots

At first glance, the dystopian point-and-click adventure Norco looks like one of many – sci-fi games are particularly popular today and a charming, nostalgic retro look is no longer an innovation. But at second glance, Norco got us into raptures: The detective adventure, which started as a one-man project, inspires with so much love and sophistication that even after the third, fourth, and fifth look you can’t get enough of it.

The text-heavy story and the dialogues are unspectacular and packed without soundtrack, but the atmosphere of the journey through a futuristic version of Louisiana captivates from the start. Norco also creates a pull effect on a visual level. The compositions of the 8-bit retro images, the minimalist effects, the coloring and the design, everything that Norco has to offer is a stunner – and without riding the “style over substance” wave ! If you haven’t experienced the cyberpunky and socially critical adventure in the southern gothic style, you’ll get our recommendation here. Take a look.

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