The Witcher 3 Next Gen Update: New Scene Leads To Witcher Saga’s Most Bizarre Kiss

The two may not look like it, but they like each other.  For real!

The two may not look like it, but they like each other. For real!

The next gen update of The Witcher 3 has brought many changes, both in terms of gameplay – finally casting spells faster – and in terms of graphics. In addition, CD Projekt RED, the studio behind the RPG masterpiece, has also promised innovations for fans to discover for themselves.

One of them is an altered conversation leading to another kissing scene between Geralt and his potential lover Yennefer. Because of the technology, the situation is a bit wrong. No punchline

It’s about this scene

At the end of the main quest Va Fail Elaine, in which Geralt takes a big step forward in finding his foster daughter, Ciri, and decides to go again to rescue her. Yennefer, the sorceress with whom he has had an on-off relationship for decades, then approaches him and drops the aloof attitude typical of her. They both kiss deeply in front of Geralt’s witcher cronies, but in the original she only wishes that he would return safely.

Here you can see the situation in comparison:

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But as you can see, something goes wrong: The character models don’t really seem to be a match, their different body sizes causing the lips of the two to completely miss each other. Geralt sucks the mage’s nose, while Yennefer tongues his chin.

It might have helped here if CD Projekt RED had lifted the lady’s body a few centimeters. In the following camera perspectives, however, the players would have noticed their changed position in a disturbing way. Still, the end result is unintentionally comical rather than romantic.

Ooopsie!  Besides...

Ooopsie! Besides…

It gets so much better!

In order for the additional declaration of love between the two to be played at all, it is necessary to complete the side quest The Last Wish to complete on the Skellige Islands. If you forget these, Yennefer will leave the area again and you will not be able to catch the djinn that is causing an old spell cast on them by a previous djinn to be lifted.

He made sure that Geralt and Yennefer are inseparable. At least that’s how it is recorded in the books that served as a template for the games. More specifically, Geralt accidentally opened a vase containing a djinn, after which he was granted three wishes. His last one remained hidden from the readers, all that was known was that Yennefer was very happy about him, which really sparked the whirlwind romance.

Between Geralt and Yennefer it crackles non-stop.

Between Geralt and Yennefer it crackles non-stop.

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the spell is lifted, but we also learn that the two then noticed no change in their feelings for each other. Because of this, they could be sure that they truly loved each other. A really sweet story that ends in a cheesy but utterly romantic kissing scene:

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This actually shows that the couple’s slobbering can be staged much more beautifully and, above all, presented in an anatomically correct manner. Funny detail: The two are actually sitting on a wooden railing, which makes the proportions make sense. After a cut, however, they float in front of a mountain peak for a prettier picture. However, the position of the camera obscures the actually abstruse flight interlude of the two.

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It is certainly debatable whether Yennefer’s sudden outburst of emotion in front of other people fits in with the sorceress’ otherwise cool demeanor. What is certain, however, is that the secret change could have been presented a little more elegantly.

In the books, Yennefer emerges as Geralt’s true soulmate. Did you stick to that in the games or did you go with Triss?