We collected all the existing rumors about Mac

MacBook Pro with M2

We are already at the gates of a new year. There is little more than a week left to say goodbye to this year 2022, which has meant a return to a normality that we had lost just two years ago. Although this normality has not been so normal, because the repercussions of the pandemic we are still experiencing. To this has been added international conflicts that have caused the forecasts that were had for 2023 to have been significantly disrupted. The news about Apple has been filled with rumors about new devices, lack of elements for its manufacture and real events such as sales or production problems. That’s why I think it’s good to make a rcompilation of everything that has been said about the future Mac that they have to arrive

We’ve had all kinds of rumors. Of all colors and of course of all sizes. There has been talk of a new MacBook Pro, but also of a renewed Air with more screen and of course, of a new Mac Pro and Mac mini. It seems all gibberish, but if we order it, We will know which of them seems to be more serious and therefore we will be able to see once and for all, what rumors can become a reality in the short and medium term.

macbook pro

new Apple MacBook Pro 16" m2

We start with what may be one of the best-selling models of Apple Macs. The Pro model of the laptops, and according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models with M2 Pro and M2 Max chip options are on the way and may launch in the first half of 2023. This year was expected a Mac event in the middle of the year, event that did not occur. Last year, it celebrated in April and announced the iMac with M1. It is expected that the American company can hold another event in the spring to announce the new MacBook Pro.

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However, The new MacBook Pros are not expected to feature significant changes, sticking to the design introduced last year. Instead, they will benefit from the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips, which will offer better performance and battery efficiency compared to the current M1 Pro and M1 Max variants.


iMac colors

The current iMac was announced in April of last year, yes 2021 and it came with the M1 chip. It had a completely new design and came in several very striking colors to match other Apple terminals and devices. Right now we have a slim iMac with a 24-inch screen. In fact, it is the only one that exists right now and therefore the only one you can buy. Sales of the iMac have been discontinued. 27 and 21.5 inches.

Rumors indicate that there will be a new iMac on the way, but no major change is expected. Again Mark Gurman, claims a follow-up to the existing 24-inch iMac is in the works, but it’s unlikely to ship until later in 2023 with the M3 chip. Chip we don’t know anything about yet.

There are also reports that Apple is working on a higher-end version of the iMac called iMac Pro. However, these same rumors indicate that there have been internal problems for which the delays in the arrival of this new iMac Pro will be constant and perhaps even permanent.


Mac mini ports

Within desktop computers, the Mac mini can be considered the most portable of all of them. Perhaps the most versatile but above all the most forgotten by users and the company. The latest Mac mini was one of the first Macs to get the M1 chip in November 2020, and Apple hasn’t provided fans of this model with a newer one since. Countless rumors suggested that Apple was working on a completely redesigned one, but those plans have fizzled out and have never been heard from again.

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According to rumors, it seems that Apple is testing Mac mini models with chips M2 Pro and M2 Max for a possible release sometime in 2023. The updated models are unlikely to feature the rumored redesign, and will instead keep the same design as the existing model. It must be taken into account that the single-body design made of aluminum has been used since 2010.

macbook air

OLED MacBook Air

One of the models that has had the most rumors in recent weeks is the MacBook Air model. At the moment, right now, we have that the MacBook Air M2 was announced in June of this year. With a new design that abandons the look of the previous models, with a 13-inch screen, it is powered by the M2 chip and comes in four different colors. Due to these circumstances, this model is not expected to be changed in the short term. However, it is said, it is rumored that something new may come throughout 2023.

According to display analyst Ross Young, Apple will announce a MacBook Air with a 15.5-inch screen as early as spring of next year. With a general design the same as the existing 13-inch model, with flat edges, a large Force Touch trackpad, a keyboard with function keys, MagSafe charging port, etc. But the main thing will be those 15.5 inches, the next MacBook Air will sit between the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro and it will be the largest MacBook Air to date.

Mac Pro

Smaller Mac Pro by 2022

Apple’s most powerful computer but it’s getting older. on computers, three years is already a long time. In fact, it still has an Intel processor, not Apple Silicon, and that goes against Apple’s business propositions.

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According to Gurman, Apple’s original plan to offer the next Mac Pro with M2 Ultra and M2 Extreme chips it may not go as planned. According to the journalist, Apple has abandoned plans to offer the Mac Pro with its own more powerful chip, the M2 Extreme. Instead, the Mac Pro will be offered only with the M2 Ultra chip and will have different configurations and expandability. There’s no exact time frame yet for when to expect the next Mac Pro, but presumably it can be expected sometime in 2023.



Announced in March 2022 as the high-end desktop Mac, at least until the Mac Pro arrives. This Mac, features a similar concept to the Mac mini, but in a larger form factor with more ports and performance. It is offered with M1 Max and M1 Ultra chip options. It’s probably the only Mac that hasn’t been rumored lately. However, we could see an update with the M2 Max and M2 Ultra chips.

It seems that an interesting 2023 awaits us.