What is your longest game time in an MMORPG?

Which content in MMORPGs is the most boring?

MMORPGs are designed to be played over a long period of time. What was your longest accumulated playing time?

MMORPGs are among the most enduring games out there. Some representatives of the genre have been online for over 20 years now and have already been through a lot. It is one of their core aspects that they can be played almost endlessly and often have new content added to them.

Therefore, a lot of playing hours accumulate on the counter of their players over the years. Especially when the fans stay true to their one MMORPG like World of Warcraft or RuneScape and only play a few other games.

But even newer MMORPGs can make you sink tons of time into them. After all, many of them are designed to be played as much as possible.

Hours of play accumulate in the accounts of the players that most other games can only dream of.

What was your personal high in an MMORPG? Tell us in this survey.

How to vote: In the survey tool below you can indicate how many hours have accumulated on your MMORPG clock. Everyone has only one vote and the choice cannot be undone.

If you don’t know the exact number anymore, for example because the game was shut down, you can also give the estimated time.

So tell me: What is your personal record of playing hours in an MMORPG? What game was it in? What drew you to it so much? Did you play the MMORPG hardcore consistently or only occasionally over the years?

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Let us know in the comments and have fun voting!