WoW: After 18 years, the Orc Mankrik is looking for a new woman

WoW: After 18 years, the Orc Mankrik is looking for a new woman

He is the most famous widower in World of Warcraft: Mankrik. After 18 years the time has come, he is finally looking for a new wife…

There are numerous quests in World of Warcraft that have stuck in the memory of the players. But a legendary quest series has triggered traumatic flashbacks even after many years – the search for Mankrik’s wife. But with patch 10.0.5 this story should take a whole new turn. Because Mankrik has finally managed to let go.

Who is Mankrik? The search for “Mankrik’s wife” is one of the oldest and most well-known quests in World of Warcraft that existed back in time for “Vanilla”. This is because the search was quite difficult and there were no indicators – such as a marked area – of where to find the woman at the time. But Mankrik’s wife is dead, which has made the search even more difficult. However, Mankrik’s story isn’t over yet as it seems like he’s ready for a new relationship.

What’s in Patch 10.0.5? Anyone walking near the new trading post in Orgrimmar can see Mankrik haggling over a purchase. We have the translated dialogue that takes place there for you here.

Mankrik: “Shiri.”
Shiri: “Mankrik, how can I help you?”
Mankrik: “I’m looking for a new sword.”
Shiri: “All right, anything else?”
Mankrik mumbles something under his breath.
Shiri: “What was that, man?”
Mankrik: “…I said I want a bracelet too, a nice one.”
Shiri: “We only sell beautiful ones. For whom is that?”
Mankrik: “…Mahka.”
Shiri: “Good for you, it’s about time.”
Manikrik grunts.

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Who is Mahka? Mahka is an Orc woman from the Earthen Ring and has been at Mankrik’s side since Cataclysm. She was already interested in him back then, but Mankrik was still too distracted by his grief. Apparently that has changed in recent years, so Mankrik is now daring to take the step forward.

What about his wife? Mankrik’s wife had already died in Classic back then. Olgra’s body can be found further south in the Barrens. In Shadowlands, however, players will learn where Olgra’s soul has ended up. She came to Maldraxxus and assumed a much more brutish form in order to be able to carry out her duties in this realm. Many may have just walked past her without ever realizing who is actually standing in front of them.

The Trading Post is also coming in patch 10.0.5 and brings lots of new rewards.